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Friends of Collingswood Community Theatre:

We hope you've enjoyed our shows as much as we've enjoyed doing them.

CCT has so much to be proud of in the past 14 seasons but the 15th Anniversary brings a very special problem - SOUND. As with most modern stage productions, CCT makes extensive use of wireless mics. The better to hear us, right?

So here's the bottom line - WE NEED NEW MICROPHONES. The ones we purchased in CCT's inaugural year will be obsolete in the very near future and we can't go on without mics! Each fully equipped wireless microphone set costs in excess of $1,000. With 10 mics to replace, we're looking to raise $10,000. We can't do it alone!

Here's where you come in - we're kicking off the "CCT SPEAKS" campaign and would sincerely appreciate your Tax Deductible Donation to help purchase the much-needed microphones. We've asked for 10 Lousy Bucks in the past but since it's our 15th Anniversary, maybe you could make it 15 Lousy Bucks??? Please click on the DONATE button (below) to make your contribution via the web or send a check payable to: Collingswood Foundation for the Arts with the notation "CCT SPEAKS" in the memo field to: CCT c/o Terry Seeley, 678 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108.

We truly appreciate your support and hope that we can count on you to help us continue to give you shows that make you think, laugh, cry and sing along. From the CCT Family to yours, thanks!!!